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What you don’t know can be a killer

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As a result of my ignorance my dog Buddie almost died last month.

He had been eating the stalk of a palm plant on the back porch after it died from the winter freeze.

I had no idea that some plants, especially palms, have toxins that will harm a dog’s liver and other organs. And I should add Buddie was no help either – apparently he never read the studies either showing that palm plants can be lethal to dogs.

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For several hours afterwards, our entire family was very saddened by what appeared to be the bad news. Fortunately, old Bud has attention deficit disorder and never ate enough of the stalk to kill him. I guess ADD runs in the family because I certainly have it too.

Here’s my point: I really care about Buddie and plan to read a book on 101 things dog owners should know so they don’t kill their best friends.

What are you going to read and study? How are you training your mind to move your career, relationships, business, marketing, along?

Why don’t we discipline ourselves to learn all that we need to know?

The main reason is that no one ever calls you up and asks you, “Did you develop a new marketing plan today?” No. Instead the phone rings with “Hey, you’ve got to get some more business or we’re going to go broke.”

So, in a fit of reaction, you run out to try to find new business the same way you have been doing, which truth be told hasn’t been working very well and caused the problem to begin with.

My advice: Make it your purpose to implement one change with one new book, audio series or seminar at a time.

A lot of information that has been very beneficial over the years is probably in your inbox right now. Take a few minutes to read those things you said you would look at later – and delete those things that aren’t useful. (Hopefully, this is one of those emails you keep!)

Consider this your jolt of the day to go do something to help yourself for a change.

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