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What are you afraid of? How to overcome every entrepreneur’s BIGGEST fear …

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Do you live in fear?

Think about it for a moment. Are you afraid your business will fail in the next few days, weeks, months?

Many are afraid. I understand. I have actually had two different business entities fail. One, it was my fault. The second, it was completely beyond my control.

So what did I do? Here are 3 better questions:

  1. What did I make myself think?
  2. How did I make myself feel?
  3. What did I make myself do?

See, you are a spirit, you have a mind and you live in a physical body.

The real you, can be, no must be, in control of your mind (it does the thinking and feeling) and your body (it does the action).

But, if you are not careful, your mind and your body will dominate you. When this happens, you become paralyzed to fear, anxiety, and lack of proper action. You become the victim of the circumstances.

To survive and thrive, regardless of the situation, you must personally, on your own, take control of the negative thoughts and conquer the inaction that fear brings to our actions or should I say lack of action.

Typically these articles are dedicated to helping you build your business using referral sources. Having agents and loan originators refer their clients to you by becoming an integral part of their business is the key to the short term and long term health of your origination business unit.

What’s holding you back from building your business?

Without these referrals, without this partnership, you are working by yourself without the vast assistance from these “partners.” And that may be a large part of your problem right now. But many of us are so down and out; we are not allowing ourselves to consider this business building concept. We are in fear. We feel desperate. We don’t know what to do.

Am I right? I know I am because I hear from so many of you. I hear the fear in your voice and the real concerns you have for tomorrow.

If no one else is helping to build you up, please allow me to be your mentor today. Listen to these words. Read them over and over again. Think about them over the weekend. Decide if you can and are willing to make them your own. If you are, next week will be better.

Consider the following:

  • If you fail and have to file bankruptcy even, your wife and kids will still love you.
  • They can’t eat you and don’t want to.
  • Everyone will not know you failed and most will not care anyway.
  • You can start over.
  • Bankruptcy or quitting sometimes is the right thing to do.

You already have your biggest asset …

Regardless, your real asset is what you know, whom you know, and who knows you – they can’t take that away from you.

Ask yourself this question: What’s the worst thing that can happen? Write these thoughts down. Commit them to paper. Keeping in mind the list above, you still have your family, you still have your friends, they will not eat you, and sometimes it is best to start over.

Once you arrive at a list of the “worst things that can actually happen” don’t let your mind wonder beyond that place. If fear creeps into your thought process, and it will, ask yourself if the thought you are “allowing” yourself to imagine can actually really happen. Probably it is not possible. From my experience, you have allowed yourself to conceive of scenarios that are beyond the “worst thing that can really happen.”" See how creative your mind really is?

Practical steps to help you get out of this mess…

Now that you have a process for controlling your negative thoughts, now it is time to develop your creative thoughts to get you out of this mess. I want you to now write down your attributes, what is going well, and what you think you have going for you.

Now until next week, get out those old motivational tapes. (See how old I am). If you don’t have any, go to the library or bookstore. (Old again) Go to the Internet and down load some Zig Zigler or Tony Robbins or, the speaker who is my favorite, Les Brown motivational recordings. Listen to them over and over again. Let them get down into you and they will cause the giant living inside of you to jump up and re-take control.

Let them remind you:

  • You can make it.
  • You can do it.
  • You can overcome.
  • You can get up, even when you’ve been knocked down.
  • The greatest fortunes have been built in times just like these.

I encourage you, don’t start next week the same way you started this week. Do what is necessary to strengthen your inner self, get control of your thoughts so that your creative mind will develop the plan for you to act upon to navigate through these next few days, weeks and prepare yourself to come out on the other side. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.

To your success,