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The difference between success and failure comes down to just ONE thing

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Beach Shoreline Runner

Just like a runner relies on endurance to finish the race, we too must persevere to continue to move forward if we want to be effective in our professional and personal lives.

For some time now I’ve been talking about ways to take action, but not just any action – EFFECTIVE action!

That is really what you must demand from yourself (most importantly!) and those around you.

But what often gets overlooked is something else I’ve found just as important that can mean the difference between success and failure.

I can sum it up in a single word: Endurance.

If you are working on a project/business that is worth working on, the only kind right, then you must to determine to endure and to adjust until you win. If your proclamations end with phrases such as:

  • “right?”
  • “at least I hope so”
  • “don’t you think?”
  • or “that’s what should happen”

Then you’re not “sold” on the idea yet and the reservation in your heart and mind is spilling out of your lips and tripping up your feet.

You must get the “reservations” out of the way before you invest time and energy. And I mean really get them out of the way. Don’t move past “Go!” until you are determined that what you are doing is really worth doing.

When you determine that what you are engaged in is worth your effort, and I mean really determine it, then it is up to you to maintain and protect that vision.

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Many times, the failure to commit is your spirit telling you that this project or business is not right for you. But, most of the time, the people that I see that never commit and never pay the price. As a result, they never really accomplish anything.

Since I believe that everyone can accomplish great things, it cannot be that some of our spirits stop us and continuously cause us to vacillate. NO. It is just our own fear that we have not overcome yet. It is the fear that we will not succeed; thus, we never start anything or instead we dream of accomplishment so great that “any human being would have failed at that!!! So it can’t be my fault.” Self Sabotage.

Let me give you an example: I am trying to help a young man build a business. The market is nearly unlimited. The offer is perfect. He has financial backing-mine. He has training-mine and my friends.

But that is not enough.

Success will only come to this venture if he determines, and I mean really determines to take enough accurate effective action with the fortitude necessary to overcome every hurdle that he encounters. You must jump over them, push them down, find another way but he cannot and you cannot quit.

In addition, he must determine to learn, become relevant, and remain relevant by continuing to learn, meet new people, and overcome objection.

It is hard to build a business or to go to the next level in your business. It is hard but it is possible and worthwhile.

But back to fear and to commitment. If he cannot-if you cannot-determine way down deep inside of you that this idea/project/business/marriage/relationship is worth having, fighting for, crying about, and spending just about all of your time on until it is DONE then you are not ready to start.

The question for you today: What are you doing that needs adjustment, improvement, more effort, more accuracy, and more endurance?

Find it. And change it and then commit to it or stop.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Found & Chairman

Ox Publishing