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SoLoMo Marketing is a Big Deal

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How are you connecting with homebuyers and sellers? Are your advertising dollars going into a black hole or into the honey hole? recently polled real estate professionals and consumers to determine home search habits, marketing trends and their respective perceptions of local housing conditions. This insight and infographic will help real estate pros evaluate their SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) marketing strategies to better target potential clients and drive traffic back to your business.

Word of Mouth Recommendations Still Carry the Most Weight

No surprise here: Both real estate professionals and consumers chose personal, word-of-mouth recommendations as the top means by which they connect with one another. In this day and age of technology, an old-fashioned, genuine recommendation from a trusted friend or family member is the primary source when deciding on a real estate professional.
This goes to show that building and maintaining authentic relationships with your clients is still paramount. To build and compliment your endorsement library, focus on building a strong presence in your local market by collecting and promoting client endorsements on your websites and social channels.

Since first impressions are always the most important, provide them with really unique marketing materials and professional, well-designed listing presentations to demonstrate that you are the person for the job.

National Real Estate Sites are Paying Off

Forty-seven percent of real estate professionals are spending the majority of their marketing dollars on national real estate listing sites (i.e., and®).

This has proved to be a valuable investment, since 67 percent of consumers prefer these sites when searching for homes via their desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, the majority of real estate professionals report that these sites provide them with the most quality leads and are also their primary source for sharing testimonials (i.e., “word-of-mouse”).

Join the others who have already reaped the benefits of using online resources and create an agent profile to increase your visibility, tell your story and share your praises.

Social Media Promotions Lead to Conversions

Real estate pros reported that social networks were their top choice for promoting client endorsements, listing videos and pictures. In fact, a whopping 75 percent of real estate professionals say that they are actively using Facebook to promote all aspects of their business! Social channels are a great place to promote client endorsements since 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals, so maintaining your online visibility will be key to a larger return in building your business.

Mobile Marketing is a MUST

If you’re not mobile yet, you’re simply missing out — big time. Mobile web access is projected to overtake that of desktops by 2014, so it’s imperative that you start advertising here and formatting your marketing materials for mobile viewing. This is especially important when targeting local business, since 94 percent of smartphone owners are searching for local information and 73 percent of these mobile searches trigger follow-up actions. Further, three-quarters of the homebuyers and owners polled in the survey prefer to be contacted by email — most of which are accessed on a mobile device. That said, be sure that your email campaigns are formatted for easy viewing on smartphones.

Understanding Local Market Conditions Makes You an Expert

Local market outlooks give you the opportunity to understand the amount of confidence consumers have in their respective housing markets. We found that 54 percent of homeowners believe that their home values have increased over the last twelve months. To help clear up uncertainties about the state of their local real estate market and to minimize any hesitation to purchase or sell a home, provide your clients and prospects with detailed market reports in your listing presentations, email campaigns and blog. Proving that you are the local expert will give them just another reason why they should feel comfortable working with you for their real estate needs.

While no marketing technique guarantees success, understanding what consumers are looking for during their home search is pretty obviously the best way to drive traffic back to your business. Bottom line, SoLoMo reigns! So invest your time on social networks; make it happen on mobile to engage with local consumers!

Checkout out all the findings from the Real Estate Marketing Trends Survey for an even more in-depth look at what you can do to turn your next prospect into a client. Click here to see the results:

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