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Pro-Active Versus Re-Active Credit Repair

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What is pro-active credit repair? Before I answer that, let’s define re-active credit repair. As the president of a credit repair backend processing company, I have the good fortune to counsel with mortgage and real estate professionals as well as credit service organization company owners from all across the county on a daily basis.

Typically in consultive roles you are looking at the problems in a business. In nearly every conversation with both large and small operators they state that their greatest problem is cash flow instability. But is this the problem or a symptom of the real problem?

When digging deeper into these conversations, the real problem begins to surface. It is really a lack of ability to view the results being obtained by the industry professional on their customer’s files in a timely fashion. Why? The customers do not send in their results on a consistent basis, if at all. And, if you pull credit for credit repair from a mortgage company or other source you are violating their terms of service and they are subject to losing the valuable privilege with the bureaus.

But how does this affect so many other areas of the business? Since results are the primary driver of the business, the reason that consumers signed up with you and thus your deliverable, just in time delivery of this natural resource or inventory item is crucial to your business model.

Your sales are affected due to the fact that you spend unproductive time chasing down bureau results instead of focusing on acquiring new sales and servicing the accounts you’ve already sold. Remember referrals are king.

Every un-planned contact from your customer is very time consuming. To increase profits you must develop a system that reduces customer communication interaction.

Lack of control of the timely delivery of your demonstrable results impacts your ability to schedule your work and that of your production staff. Result: You have cash flow instability.

Just imagine for a moment an auto assembly plant not knowing if they have enough steering wheels, bumpers or transmissions for today’s production. Can you imagine in today’s competitive landscape how that would affect their business? It’s the same for you.

So what is the solution? Credit monitoring. It sounds ridiculous but it is true.

The timely access to credit monitoring allows you to systemize your workflow and thus drive your process without unproductive and needless contacts with you customers to chase down results.

Additionally, as you have experienced, the results arrive over a period of days if not weeks. As a result, the consumer is touching you up to three times and then you are required to examine three different reports at potentially three unique times.

Each of these extra steps takes time away from sales, meaningful customer touches and ultimately profits.

Only with a durable credit monitoring account can you plan your work and work your plan. How does it work?

Schedule the new credit monitoring pull in your calendar for each customer for a particular date. Or better yet push that down to a lower paid employee. By using your CRM platform to schedule your time to review the “results” allows you to become more productive-like a normal business.

This easy to implement process gives you “inventory” control over your work flow scheduling and thus the ability to manage your cash flow in a more businesslike fashion.

As always, many company owners were initially skeptical of this enhancement to their business and have had these objections: “That won’t work in my market….But then I’ve got to stop what I’m doing to log into the account….What if their credit card fails and I can’t access the report?… It’s too expensive… the customer cannot pay any more…”

These are all valid objections but ones that have been overcome by numerous successful operations:

• In every market we have found that if you train your sales staff effectively you can overcome the objections from the customer of the added expense.

• The time it takes for one of your staff to log into a credit monitoring account is less than two to three minutes.

• Credit cards fail on approximately 20% of the accounts—but that is better than chasing down 100% of the consumers for results.

• The customer doesn’t want to help you do your job, the consumer wants results.

Running a successful business requires that you become pro-active instead of re-active in your approach. You do this by systemizing every possible event and by wringing out of the organization unproductive time wasters.

Ultimately you will find more time and energy for the growth drivers in your business: marketing; lead management; affiliate development; sales; and productive customer interaction—all of which leads to referrals.

If you are ready to improve the results you achieve in your business, begin to implement this plan today on your next sales call.

To your Success

Joel S. Pate

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