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Need to Jump Start Your Plan?

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To Jump bigstock_Jump_Start_The_Economy_2341107Start a plan or to get unstuck, you must accept that no matter how good the plan (to increase your sales) you will need to build into it The Law of Continuous Process Improvement for the plan to work over the long haul.

Every plan requires continuous analysis and adjustment to find the way forward. Even basic tasks require a plan and a process of continuous improvement. This is important.

In the mortgage and credit business there are a number of basic processes that must be developed for the business to become a business and not a complicated job. For just a moment, imagine the axle, the spoke, the tire, and for simplification the engine providing power for the movement of a vehicle. Now imagine yourself the person benefiting from the system that generated the advancement that began with the engine that transferred power to the axle, etc.

This example asks you the question: Would you prefer to be the device that spins the most (the axle) or at the other end of the spectrum, the person benefiting from the system/process that allows you to accomplish a goal without spinning around like crazy?

Well of course you don’t want to be the axle but if you are not very careful and plan NOT to be and actually place processes in place to take care of the axle’s job, you will be the axle!

Knowing that it is not possible to just wake up every day, open your bank account online to see money that was deposited directly into your bank account without you doing anything, let’s work to get as close to that reality as possible. But how?

Every great plan starts the same way:

  • Define the objective
  • Make a list
  • Now make a detailed step by step list (don’t be complicated just use pen and paper)
  • Even better if you use different pieces of paper
  • Tape it all to the wall in sequence
  • Begin to add details to each step and then more detail
  • Now STOP. Now you must spend the appropriate amount of time determining if this is the right plan and if you have the energy and resources to really pull it together before you go one more step.
  • Because if you do spend time and money working on a plan that does not work, for any reason, you would have been better off if you just simply stop right here.

It’s OK to stop right here until you can determine how to move forward.

Only after you have completed this exercise, assign the task with a deadline to a responsible and capable person whether that person is yourself or someone else

Yes, but you say, I work alone. It’s just me. Well it’s even more important that you have a process for everything. That may be why you are working alone and can barely afford yourself.

Since I am part owner of an outsource company, it has dawned on me that I should be outsourcing even more task of my business. I have my own IT staff, but we outsource special projects such as:

  • Website design
  • Email creation
  • Content creation
  • A contractor manages my Go to Webinar, and other blogs
  • I recently used Elance to hire a person to find computer suppliers
  • I even outsource my daughter to add pictures to my Facebook of my grandson ;)

According to world renowned management expert Peter Drucker:

The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work”

Then he asks of every business that he consults when told of a new plan:

Which of your best people have you put on this work today?….if you don’t have any best people or you can’t afford to place your best people on a project then you are simply admitting that you don’t have a plan.”

All this sounds good right. But what do you do if you need to increase sales, build a new website, etc. but you just simply feel overwhelmed and don’t know the next step to take and thus you have paralysis:

  • Step away from the office (and email and Text) JUST SIMPLY STOP
  • Use paper and pen to make a list of what is really important and needs immediate attention
  • Determine what you can and cannot do today and this week
  • Make a list of the resources that you have AND THE RESOURCES THAT YOU NEED
  • Determine what is needed, what is possible and what is likely.

It’s OK to not be able to do everything today. Take a breath.

More next time.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate

Founder & Chairman

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