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Need a change?

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Seems like change should just be a click away like on your remote. Don’t like the sitcom you’re watching? Click. Tired of the same old news? Click.

Apple-TVI own an Apple TV. The settings allow you to do more than watch shows – you can view YOUR pictures and at that same time listen to your favorite playlist.

This is otherwise known as YOUR LIFE.

What pictures do you have?

Do you like to watch your life’s experience?

Do you wish it was different?

Whether the answer is “I really have great experiences” or “I need a new life” you are in control of your future and your future is actually just that — “YOURS” to control.

So, how do you control your future? Where do you start?

It’s may not be as simple as just clicking your remote but getting started is not complicated.

Start today. Make a list. What do you need to change? What should, no, MUST! be different?

It is really a short list. Just a few suggestions:

  • The only thing you can expect from people is what they have done in the last four years.
  • The only thing you can expect of yourself is what you plan to do.
  • The only way to change tomorrow is to think today.

Over the next few days, make a list:

What needs to be corrected?

What do I need to know that I do not know?

Who do I need to meet with that would change my life?

Change is just a thought away. So, start thinking today and tomorrow will be different. Will it be better? Don’t know. It depends on what you think.

Here’s to change,