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How to get your prospects to say, “Wow! Tell me more!”

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Successful business people standing in office elevatorJust about everyone knows they should have an elevator pitch.

Along with a business card, a tag line for your company and a logo, everyone knows they should have a 30-second spiel they can rattle off that tells prospects what they do.

And most of them are terrible.


They’re horrible. It would be better if most people didn’t say anything at all than repeat their same old dry, boring elevator pitch.

Let me share with you the steps to creating a great elevator pitch that will make your prospects hungry for more.

I’ll also leave you with a few talking points for one of the best elevator pitches I’ve heard, just to give you an example.

Your elevator speech should have 3 goals:

  1. Explain very briefly what you do.
  2. Create interest with the person you’re talking with.
  3. Make someone want to find out more.

Put simply, you don’t want to begin and end your conversation with an elevator speech. The last thing you want someone to do is say, “Hmm. That’s interesting. Nice talking with you.” And then walk away. Rather, you want to use your elevator speech to start a conversation and get permission to continue it.

That last part is important … “get permission.” That means you’ve created enough interest with your prospects that they respond by saying, “Tell me more.” Or, “Really? Do you think something like that would help me with a problem I’m having?” In other words, the prospect is inviting you tell them more about what you do.

WARNING: Don’t make this mistake…

Don’t use your elevator pitch to try and tell someone everything you do. This isn’t a speech! There’s an art to this. Your immediate goal is to simply get the prospect interested enough to ask you questions and engage in a conversation. But first, you need to grab their attention.

Here’s a 4-step process to help you develop your elevator pitch. Grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers as you go through each of the 4 steps and you’ll have the nuggets you need for a truly great elevator pitch.

An easy-to follow 4-step process

Step 1: Write down what you do in a very short sentence that just about anyone can understand. Don’t over-think this. The following examples will work just fine. (Example: “I run a credit repair business.”)

Step 2: Elaborate briefly on the types of problems you solve. Every business solves a challenge or problem for its prospects. Simply explain the types of challenges you help your clients overcome. Again, don’t get too fancy. Explain it so a third grader can understand. (Example: “Specifically, we help families who want to try and improve their credit. It’s amazing, but about 75% of credit reports contain inaccuracies.”)

Step 3: In one or two sentences, explain what’s different about your business that would be an interesting to someone who isn’t familiar with it. (Example: “We work with the credit bureaus to address those types of negative issues. We have a motto that says, ‘If they can’t prove it, they must remove it’.”)

Step 4: Close with a short teaser telling the prospect what you can do for them. Let’s face it, most people aren’t really interested in you, but they are interested in what you can do for them. So tell them that you probably can help them or someone they know. (Example: “Our process has delivered amazing results. In fact, we’ve been able to help our clients remove or repair items on their credit report more than 70% of the time just by following the consumer protection laws. We could probably help you too. When was the last time you checked your credit report?”)

I like to end an elevator pitch with a question that can’t be answered with just a “yes” or “no.” Again, you want to start a conversation and engage the prospect.

Now my friend Joel Bauer has a great elevator speech that basically boils down to these three sentences that give him some very good talking points. Here they are:

  • Ever been unable to buy what you want due to poor credit?
  • Didn’t know it could be repaired quickly and legally?
  • I work with families just like yours and specialize in credit restoration using a process that’s fast and painless.

The 4 steps I outlined and Joel Bauer’s talking points should give you some good ideas to develop your own elevator pitch that will make your prospects say, “Wow! Tell me more!”

Be sure to practice your pitch. It should roll off the tongue effortlessly and come across as natural. In fact, you may not want try and memorize it. Just give yourself a couple talking points so you can customize it. But keep it brief! No more than 30 seconds!!

Keep in mind, you’ll want to develop a pitch for consumers, referral partners, affiliates and any other groups of people you do business. Use the same 4-step process and chances are you’ll start landing more deals as a result.

To your success,