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Here you go … my ultimate referral system

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To help you finish strong for the month and to increase business as much as possible during the coming months, I’m doing something a bit different. I’ve included a link to a very informative webinar hosted by my friend Mike Citron earlier this month.

During the call, Mike and I go into a great amount of detail on the techniques used, and lessons learned, when I built from scratch a referral network of over 5,000 loan originators that sent my company over 68,000 home buyers in eight years.

This massive success can be replicated by you in this market place and I want to show you how.


I’ve NEVER shared some of this advice before.

Also, Mike and I discussed during the first part of the call the importance of using personality profiles in the hiring and management process. This 30 minute teaching will provide you with the basic insight needed to improve your hiring and management process today. Not knowing these basic techniques have cost me millions of dollars over the past twenty six years in business. Even if you are not ready to hire someone right away, you need to listen to this recording today.

Listen as Mike and I discuss how to:

  1. Immediately increase your personal power with others
  2. Improve your relationship with your wife/husband, children, employees and referrals sources
  3. Make more money by hiring the right person for the right job

Save this link for future reference. Every time you go through the hiring process, you should listen to this valuable recording.

Click Here to get download this webinar. And don’t forget, the training on recruiting and maintaining referral partners is on the second half of the recording.

If you have any questions about the systems discussed on the call, please email me. I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Click Here to download it now.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, President

Ox Publishing