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Good reminder from my dog,

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bigstock_Rosie___2150402As with many parts of the country, it was warm in Mobile Ala. last night – 85 degrees.

My dog Buddie is an eight-year-old English Springer Spaniel. Why is this story important? Just hang tight for a second.

This morning, I noticed that during the night Buddie opened the little storage box on the back porch, found his bathing suit and placed it by the back door. I was shocked.

I guess, because he does not have thumbs, he could not actually dress himself. This little episode got me to thinking, What was Buddie telling me?

“I want to be comfortable. I believe in you. I trust you. I love you even though I’d rather be cooling off in the water. I have done all I know how to do and the rest is up to you.”

Well, maybe he was thinking these things. Can’t say for sure, but, I will assure you that your customers and referral partners are looking for comfort too.

  • They want to believe in you.
  • They want to trust you.
  • And even though you haven’t called them back as fast as you know you should, they want to “love” you.

They want to believe they made the right decision.

And, if they reach the point where they feel their hope was misplaced, even if it is not completely justified, they will turn on you, fast. And then, to make themselves feel better, they will tell everyone of their experience with “the worst credit repair company in the entire world.”

I delivered a lot of bad news to nearly 100 consumers several weeks ago. More than ever, I am absolutely confident that people all want to be told bad news fast.

And if you tell the truth with empathy, regardless of the circumstances, your customers will appreciate it and respect you.

Unless a person respects you, they will never be satisfied. Until they are satisfied, they will never provide referrals.

What the heck does this have to do with Buddie? Nothing. I just thought I would tell you about my very smart dog.

To your success,