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Execution-The Key to Un-Lock your Success

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Execution-The Key to Un-Lock your Success


Execution is the key to your success. Without the systematic rigorous process of tenaciously following through, while ensuring accountability, your business and personal life will be less rewarding than it could be.

Of course you need to plan, and you need to prepare. Many articles on that subject. But without execution nothing happens. Without continuous execution, not enough continues to happen.

On a daily basis, I speak with mortgage companies and credit repair companies from all over the country. If I had a nickel for every time that I have heard “I’m about to do… name it” I would have a lot of nickels.

Every day I see business owners stuck in what I have deemed to be Work Avoidance Behavior.

Now these are good folks. Smart, well-educated but none the less stuck in some type of rut.

So if you are stuck in this type of rut, how to you break free?

Determine just like Microsoft has:

  • Good is good enough-there is always a 2.0 that you can roll out
  • Make your list today but tackle first the one thing that you are avoiding
  • Yes that’s right-don’t do everything else to “get it out of the way”
  • Execute on the one thing that you know you need to do-do it now
  • You will only change your behavior when you change it

Getting ready to get ready is another way of saying work avoidance behavior. It’s time to execute your plan, roll out your website, purchase those online key words, schedule presentation meetings, etc. Do it today, you will be glad you did.

To your Success



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