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Are you ready?

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Preparing For Hurricane TogetherBelieve me, spending time preparing and planning is never easy. But they’re critical.

As residents of the Gulf Coast we know this all too well. Why? Because this is hurricane season and we’re constantly making sure we have plenty of flashlights, batteries, water, plywood, duct tape, easy-to-fix foods and plenty of wine (no sense in not being comfortable)!

Seriously. Days of preparation are never wasted. Even in business, planning and preparation are two keys to success that you absolutely cannot discount.

But so often we are too busy to prepare. (Isn’t it funny how we suddenly find the time when we have to and a hurricane or is bearing down on us?) We are too busy to plan appropriately. Instead we do a lot of wishing. Right? If that’s you, today is the day to arrest yourself from that stratum of success and begin to get ready for the next level.

How do you do it? It’s not easy but it can be done. One of the things that I have used to break free from the bondage of “sameness” is to make a list of what I do, determine what can be eliminated and then immediately fill that time space with a preferred activity.

For example, instead of reading the paper while on that particular “throne like space in the morning,” I have purchased the book “The Daily Drucker”. Peter Drucker is one of the world’s most renowned management experts. Each day, I read a two-minute “devotional” taken from this writings. I am amazed at what I don’t know.

You too can change your life by substituting two or three minutes per day of profitable reading.

Another is to receive a Monday morning recap of last week’s mortgage and financial news. This news service gets you ready for the upcoming week.

  • Where are rates likely headed?
  • What happened in the bond market?
  • What are the unemployment numbers?

This basic yet extremely valuable free information can be used by you to enhance your conversations with your referral sources and besides that, you need to be aware of what’s going on in the market in words that are easy to understand. At least you’ll sound smarter!

If you would like to receive this valuable information on Monday morning from me at no cost, send me your e-mail to

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Joel S. Pate, Chairman & CEO

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