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Are You A Good Manager? Part 2

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Part 2

Next, managers motivate and communicate. The work of the manager is not complete until you develop a continuous process that will keep your team well informed of the plans and purposes of their job and how they fit into the organization. Nothing de-motivates an employ more than a lack of effective communication. I say effective because all communication is not created equally.

A key to effective communication is to understand the personality profile of all of your team members and of yourself. I recommend the DISC personality profiles for this. They are easy to learn and inexpensive.

The point is that you have a method that you prefer to use to communicate to others. And in this case, your employee has a method in which they receive information, digest it and use it to YOUR benefit. You must make sure that your communication to your employee is indeed in line with the way they actually are motivated. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can probably stand some improvement in this area.

Managers must also measure. In every business there are many things to measure but only a few are critical. Your profit for example is critical but so is your cash flow. The number of new leads turns into the number of new applications. The conversion ratio is critical to keep tabs on. Make a list of all of the measurable variables in your business and maintain a daily or weekly log for each. If they are not in line with your projections, you must do something about it now. Failure to act or to fully understand the new reality is a failure to manage.

Finally, managers to develop resources and typically that means people. I find that I work well with professionals; so many of my resources are other companies. How do you work best? Directly through employees or through contractors? Either way, they must be developed and recruited. Develop a plan to continuously monitor the needs of your enterprise to determine the adjustments that needs to be made. If you don’t have any, you are not doing something correctly.

Consider this: Your rolodex, electronic or not, is your resource. It is your asset. It is your ability to reach out and get things done through people. Are you managing it?

The action item for today is to step back from your operations and from your life for about an hour or so. It doesn’t take long to clear your head. Begin to put down on paper your objectives. Focus on the organization that is needed. Don’t get too deep. Just think through the next few days of what you want to accomplish this month on various objectives. Consider now, who has to be motivated to accomplish these task. How will I measure the results? Consider outsourcing the need for the resource if possible. If you need to develop a website for instance, don’t try to learn to do it yourself.

Remember that each step towards your objectives is the best step that you can make.

To your Success

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