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Sellers are savvy and smarter, and surveys prove they are more demanding than ever! So, what are you doing, saying, or using right now that obliterates the question: Why should I hire you?
Smart agents understand that, as today’s consumers become more selective about their choices, real estate professionals are forced to up their offerings to meet these new demands. So, what do you do to create a truly unique service offering in your market? What do you say or do that communicates to the consumer that you are different from your competitors and be able to articulate those differences in a way that says, “You should only want to hire me?”
It takes more than the latest apps, tips, resources, programs and tools to set you apart from your competition. What it takes is a truly unique selling proposition, specialization, expertise and cutting-edge platforms to dazzle your prospects. Very few agents can articulate what they do differently or better than their competitors. It’s not about more sales or more marketing it’s about targeted, specific, unique initiatives that get a consumer’s attention.
The most frequent and frustrating mistakes agents make can be remedied with a few new habits:
1) Go digital! The marketplace changes while you inhale, and that requires real-time updates and information. Invest in an iPad to have full resources right in your hand. Use it to offer a paperless CMA where the seller can participate in the pricing process. Use it to shoot video, take pictures and automatically email new photos of properties to prospective buyers. Sellers need to be “wowed,” and harnessing the power of an iPad is a powerful differentiator. For great insights on the best ways to use an iPad for real estate, visit: and get real online training to get the competitive advantage in your market.
2) Can you offer a seller a website specifically for their property with their own special URL that makes it high visibility in their marketplace? Few agents ever utilize a single-property website effectively. It takes more than a website to get sold. Best results result when you implement a cohesive, market strategy directing the buying prospects to the site using a powerful integration approach that includes online social channels, video, and more. Online web services like offer a professional-level web solution that includes 5 single property website options and a “featured property” position on high level searches. This kind of positioning will get a seller’s attention.
3) Virtual tours are a terrific tool, but a tour that offers engagement rocks! Does your virtual tour include engagement options for the viewer? Options like changing the colors of cabinetry, flooring, trim and walls, all with a click of a button? Engagement is the differentiator here to involving the prospect and their interest until they convert to being a real prospect. Check out for the many innovations they offer — like professional photography, a tour that offers “virtual staging,” even online remodeling and redecorating tools. Today’s buyers often rely on mobile apps, so be sure that your virtual tour includes mobile marketing solutions, and social media apps. One-dimensional virtual tours can’t compete in this advanced arena.
4) How would you rate your global digital footprint on the web? In other words, how much global exposure can you offer the seller or attract foreign buyers? According to reports from NAR, 82 billion dollars was invested in the USA by foreign buyers. Without a strong global profile, your listings are invisible to possible buyers. Not all platforms offer search options for foreign Google searches. Check out, a service that can “automagically” converts your properties to over 22 languages. When you articulate the power of global exposure to your sellers, they are assured you offer truly unique exposure to your listings.
5) One of the best ways to create a distinction in your marketplace is specialization. Today’s consumers, especially GenX/Y and Millennials, demand specialization and are committed to finding that expertise. Become distinct in an area of specialization, and you can guarantee you won’t become extinct! An excellent example of specialization is top agent, Jack Cotton. Check out how he handles luxury home specialization on Jack says that luxury doesn’t mean gazillion-dollar properties; it can be the top 10% of your marketplace. If you are looking to make higher income per sale, this is a strategy you may want to adopt. Other specializations are military, first time buyers, or specific property types.
6) YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet, yet very few agents harness the power of this interactive platform by creating their own YouTube Channel. Today’s consumer is looking beyond just finding the right property; they are looking to compare lifestyles where the property resides. Set up your own YouTube Channel, and include playlists. Categories can include an introduction of who you are and what you do, where you do it, and an introduction to your team. Include short videos highlighting the neighborhood or towns where you specialize. Include a playlist of testimonials from happy buyers, past clients and strategic partners who help you serve your clients and customers. Video is the single key to creating a position of “celebrity authority” in your marketplace. For a great, affordable and short course on how to use video effectively, visit: for online instruction and some free video downloads.
If you want to win at more listing presentations and get more buyers more easily, get good at being digital and you will be ahead of the pack!

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