Are You “Good” Busy or “Bad” Busy

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Real estate sales professionals, regardless of their individual production, are busy people with a lot of balls in the air — including finding new business (prospecting), serving existing clients and running a business (in many cases with very little administrative support).
We all get the same 24 hours each day, of course, yet some people seem to be far more productive than others. That’s because productive people are, what I call, “good” busy.
Good busy is when you wake up in the morning, review your written goals (you do have those, right?), create a schedule based on those goals, do some lead follow-up, call back your past clients, touch base with your sellers and connect with your buyers about new listings. You get the idea.
Bad busy is constantly checking and responding to email all day long, wasting time on social media sites, aimlessly surfing the Internet and trying to complete every little task as soon as it lands in your lap.
At their most basic, good busy is being proactive while bad busy is being reactive.
Our ego likes to be busy; for some reason being busy makes us feel important. I’ve seen people get completely addicted to the busy rush, feeding off the adrenaline of madly crossing items off their “to do” list. It’s almost like a drug.
But the trouble is this: when we are that busy we’re not bringing any clarity to our actions and asking these three important questions:
1. Do I need to be doing this now — or at all?
2. Is this something I could be delegating to someone else?
3. Is this serving my life or my business in any real way?
The only way to consider these questions is to slow down, step off the treadmill and take a step back for a clearer perspective on what uses up all of your time each day. One really simple, yet effective way to do this is to keep a time log for a week, and write down exactly how you spend each waking hour of that seven-day period. It’ll be a real eye-opener for you!
It always amazes me that “busy” can seem like something that just happens to us rather than something we actually created ourselves. At some point, though, we choose to take on all of those things that make up our busy lives. But, if you’re too busy, you have only one person to blame. You, of course.
Once you start being more intentional about how you spend your time, you’ll start to see that you’re not really busy; you are actually over-committed. And when you begin being less reactive and more proactive you’ll begin to see that you are in charge of how your day goes. You are, so to speak, the captain of your own ship.
Yes, I know; I know. There will always be exceptions to this rule. I’m not saying that unexpected situations and unforeseen disasters won’t strike from time to time. Stuff happens. But for those who have chosen to take the reins of their life, versus letting life drag them all over town, I’m sure they’ll find that life’s hiccups become a little easier to handle. And then so much more truly productive and profitable activity occurs.
Can you think of a better, more effective way to spend the rest of 2014…or the rest of your life?

By: Richard Robbins,

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