6 things in just 60 minutes that can change everything

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Stop watchYou are what you eat. Right?

If that is true, what are you? A cholesterol and grease saturated hamburger or a healthy reflection of food that you decided to eat?

As surely as you are what you eat, you are what you think. What you think is based on what you have accepted to this point. (Information does not have to be purposely accepted to affect you—osmosis does exist.) What you have learned, accepted and placed into action to this point is directly connected to who you have met, who has influenced you and what you have studied. Just reading is not enough. Simply meeting people is not enough.

For example, when you were first exposed to long division, did you get it? It took practice but it also required base element knowledge. It required building blocks. Remember, it required an understanding of multiplication. Learning both multiplication and long division took a lot of effort. Above all it took practice.

When you pass someone on the street, when you have been introduced to someone at a party, do they influence you immediately? Did you automatically become like them? No, it took time, concentration, and effort to become, to be influenced for good or bad, just like it took effort to become a person that benefited from long division.

With mathematical precision you have become who you have allowed yourself to become.

I know that this philosophy sometime seems unacceptable. But, the alternative is worse: You have become what you are through a force you can’t control. If you are what you eat then it is reasonable to conclude that you are the “spitting image” of yourself—what you decided to become on purpose or simply through long-term exposure. Either way, you decided to decide or you decided to accept. Good or bad.

No doubt exists that you are influenced by your heredity, your race, your upbringing and your environment. But also no doubt exists that you can become anything you to set your mind to. Does that mean you can become six inches taller? No. But it does mean that through effort you can lose six inches in your waist and if that is the case you can repetitiously change your action for your good or to further a bad trait. Remember that knowledge and then thought and then action is either helpful or hurtful. Thus, you must test information and decisions before they test you.

What if I am right?

If I am correct, the goal for the next hour and for the remainder of your life is to expose yourself to information and people that are positive and beneficial and continuously apply effort to a plan to learn to think because thinking is the business of life (Dr Venice J. Bloodworth, “Key To Yourself”). All applied knowledge causes an effect on your being and thus on your life. So, make it count.

Starting today:

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Remove negatives from your life
  3. Purposely expose yourself to positive and beneficial knowledge
  4. Reflect on that knowledge during a time of silence each day
  5. Learn to think correctly
  6. Make a plan to implement positive change

Now is the time to choose a different result by choosing a different thought. Decide what is positive and commit to it.

To your success,