Fixation leads to death

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bigstock_Doorway_To_Heaven_88666You’ve got to look up and out. That is where you build your business.

According to world renown business management author Peter Drucker, “Growth for any company is found outside of its four walls, not from within.” That is where you will find the business – outside of your four walls.

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, it is easy to find yourself fixated on the details. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ve got to focus on the details but not to the point that you do not have sufficient outward focus. There is a balance and you must find it. So I’m sure you’re wondering…

“How do I find it?”

Glad you asked. The only way is to time block activities into your day. Again, regardless of the size of your company, you will be required to focus on internal details, Key Performance Indicators as well call them. These KPIs tell you how your business is running. So, part of the day, you’ve got to time block out for review of the KPIs.

The same goes for your focus outside of your business. You need to literally block out appointment time on your calendar a week or more in advance when you will make sales calls, follow up with your existing and past clients, seek referrals, build new marketing campaigns, attend tradeshows, participate in webinars and of course give webinars.

But if you are like just about everyone else, you find yourself fixated (my word) either too much on the details or on the sales. You have a pre-disposition to either be internally focused or externally focused. But you can’t become fixated.

bigstock_Electronic_Altimeter_Close_Up_1571269Fixation for a pilot of an airplane will surely lead to death. A pilot must have a heads up display of multiple instruments-and not become fixated on just the compass for instance. Many pilots have crashed their plane by fixating too intently on the direction they are flying while losing focus on the altitude. They were indeed flying in the proper direction but straight towards the ground.

But as the CEO of your life, your enterprise, your department, to be successful it dictates a multi-faceted approach, a multifaceted approach is what you have to give it.

So, let’s start on Monday. Over the weekend, pull out the old day planner and time block in the things you need to do to grow your business. And of course time block in an appropriate amount of time for the KPI’s of your business. And time block in time for outward focus and for family time and for time for yourself too.

I say time block in because you can’t time block out time. You never started doing a new thing by ceasing to do anything. You must fill your day with activities on purpose in order to obtain the purpose for which the day was planned.

By next week, I promise that if you implement this approach you will have accomplished more and be on the way to making more money and keeping more of it too.

To your success.


Joel S. Pate

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