How To Get Organized In One Week-Part 1

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Are you tired of facing organizational crisis? bigstock_Crisis_4188304

Have you missed your last deadline?

Well join the ever growing crowd that is tired of it right along with you.

But here’s the real question: Are you willing to join the ranks of those that need you to do something about it?

It’s time to get organized. Shall I show you were to start?

Time to put first things first!

The first step is to step back from the day to day grind to determine what is actually important in your life. You know we are individuals before we are family of men and women. Yes that’s right, your job or business is not the most important thing in your life. Thus, putting first things first is the only place to start.

What does that mean? The fact is that life is pretty short so do what is important first and continuously.

Do it for yourself. That’s right put you first. At first, this seems selfish. In the wrong context it is selfish. Realize that you can only get organized when YOU take control of what is important. You’ve got to start with you. One example of this is deciding to get into shape physically.

That journey began for me two years ago when I made a ninety day commitment to hire a trainer. What does this have to do with getting organized? It has everything to do with it. I have found that when you organize the basic element of your life, then it centers you; thus empowering you to get focused. But unfortunately it takes more than the physical element.

Next, take time out for those you care about most

The next step is focusing on your family. The key here is to set aside time, time block INTO your day and week, the events that when you look back on your life, you will be proud that you spent that time. And then, get off the damn phone and be in the moment.

Until you accomplish these two critical elements of control, you will always have a mountain of regrets and a pit of unresolved issues to transverse before you can get down to real organization.

Now we can discuss the business. Whether you work in a large organization or you work alone or in a small organization, you are the CEO of your life. In today’s integrated world, even the smallest qink in your “just in time inventory” life style causes disruption. The key to getting and remaining organized is in the selection of vendors, partners, and customers you do business with that become an integral part of your organization and thus play a huge role in determining how “organized” your life can be.

As a former homebuilder I can attest to this fact. No matter how well I planned the schedule, if one person did not show up or complete their part of the project on time, everyone had to be rescheduled. Thus to maintain an appropriate level of organization, I had to build into the schedule the realities of the frailty of mankind and the fact that it rains sometimes.

The cold reality: you still must rely on others

Overtime, I understood that no matter how organized I wanted to be, I relied upon others and their habits, lack of organization, and even worse, the use of wiggle words and even outright lies that they used to “manage “ their organization to get what they wanted.

For example, one dirt contractor when asked would say “yes, the trucks are on the road.” I took that to mean that the trucks I had been waiting on were on the way. The man I was paying to install the dirt could do his job and the plumber could then do his job and the framer who was also on the road heading to my job could do his job. But no. I discovered over time he was essentially lying by telling me that the trucks were on the road. The truth, but they were not heading to my job.

It is impossible to get organized when relying upon vendors like this.

So what is your example? More importantly, are you doing this?

The bedrock material of our life and thus your ability to organize is dependent entirely upon words and agreements and the words and agreements of those around you. The more reliable everyone in your life is to their word the more organized you can become.

Real organization requires that when you commit to something that you have every reasonable expectation of knowing it can be done. If the accomplishment of a certain obligation requires the requisition of various resources beyond your current means, then, be honest with yourself and everyone that relies upon you for this affirmative statement. If manna from heaven is required, and you’ve never seen any manna, ever, then you should disclose this fact to everyone involved, BEFORE THEY RELY UPON YOU.

What does this have to do with organization? Everything.

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is the bedrock of a solid organization.

It is the foundation of your effort to bring your most precious asset — your time — under control. If you make obligations that cannot be accomplished in the time frame that you establish, and others place reliance upon your claims, your organizations foundation is weakened by every unmet obligation. You can’t build a solid organization on empty promises to others or to yourself.

To build a solid organization and thus be organized, you must wring out of your organization vendors, contributors and participants that do not hold to this same standard of excellence. It is the only way to deliver on your own promises and commitments and thus make the most of your energy and effort.

Always remember that unresolved issues dam up your creative power, your organizational strength and make you ineffective. As a result, you accomplish even less.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week…

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Ox Publishing
Chairman & President

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