Creative Real Estate Promotional Products To Grow Your Client List

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Looking for creative promotional products to help with your real estate marketing? There are thousands of promotional products for agents to use to market and grow their businesses. Pens, coffee mugs, magnets, keychains, reusable sport bottles: the list that would fill this page.
You have, however, heard of or used the majority of these items to find new clients. Instead, we are going to use this space to share some creative real estate promotional products that might just be new ideas for most agents and creative ways you can use those promotional products to prospect for leads.
What is the one item almost every person — in almost every age range — has on them at all times? Their phone. Smartphones and mobile tablets are becoming must-have 24/7 accessories. And because these devices are with us all the time, they take a lot of physical abuse. What could be better than providing a promotional product that not only is visible day and night but also provides a useful service? Protective smartphone cases and tablet covers meet both criteria perfectly. However, don’t go too overboard when you customize these promotional items. Keep the marketing info to a minimum — maybe just a logo and website address — or people will be reluctant to use them on their devices.
When it comes to real estate promotional products for smartphones and tablets, it is not only what is on the outside that counts. Your promotional item does not have to only be physical. You can also create virtual promotional products to market your business.
Why not create a free real estate mobile app for your prospects and clients? In the past, mobile application development was quite costly; now you will find it quite affordable. Don’t go overboard with functionality and complexity when creating your mobile app. Instead, pack it full of useful, local real estate information — the same type of information you share with buyers and sellers on a daily basis.
Your app could feature local maps highlighting school districts. It could share information on the home-buying process for first-time homebuyers. You could include real-time listings, interest rates and local news. On each and every page of your mobile app, feature your name, logo and contact info in a non-distracting but noticeable way. Also, make sure to include a simple, one-touch function for the user to call, email or text you.
And don’t forget about your real estate mobile app icon. Make this your logo or possibly your professional headshot. Think about it: Every time someone pulls out their phone to make a call, text a friend or check their Facebook News Feed, your logo or face will be right there — a just touch away.
So now that we’ve offered a couple of creative promotional products for real estate agents, let’s share some creative ways to use promotional items. First, let’s start with an inexpensive real estate promotional product that is used quite often. Unfortunately, most agents waste the opportunity to use these items in a way that can bring them referrals and leads.
We’re talking about the keychain. Most agents hand these out haphazardly to people hoping they will not disappear into a kitchen drawer filled with other items that will never be used or seen again. There’s a better use for your keychains. How many times have you picked up keys at a closing or before doing a walk-through and realized there was only one set for you buyers? Go to your local hardware store, make a couple of extra sets of keys and put each set on your promotional keychains. As an added bonus, find a nice outdoor key-hider to give as a gift to your buyers.
Your promotional keychains will most likely never be seen by anyone but your buyers. But each time the homeowners see them, they will remember fondly how you went out of your way to do a little something extra. That something extra, even though it cost you very little, will likely bring you repeat business and multiple referrals.
Here’s another idea. Agents usually give their buyers a nice thank-you / housewarming gift after closing. Often this gift is a bottle of wine, a basket of gourmet food or a bouquet of flowers. As long as you are giving a gift, why not turn that gift into one of your real estate promotional products?
By the time you get to closing, you know your clients pretty well. And if you just helped them buy a home you know what features (home theater, wine cellar, outdoor pool, etc.) are in that home. Instead of giving the traditional bottle of wine for a gift, take it up a notch — especially if you operated in the high-end, luxury home.
For example, if they are wine aficionados give them an expensive wine opener tool kit in a nice wooden case. Before you give this gift, have an inscription added to it — something like, “Thank you for allowing me the privilege of helping you two find your dream home. Your friend, Bob Smith.” By adding this inscription, you turned your gift into a promotional item.
Each time your clients open a bottle of wine, they will think of you. However, unlike the keychain, this gift didn’t start out as a promotional product. And, even better, this idea can be applied to a number of thoughtful, high-end gifts that match your clients’ interests.
No matter what promotional products you decide to use to market your real estate business, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Creative promotional products for agents aren’t hard to find. It is also not hard to brainstorm new ideas for using these promotional items. Just remember, when you put in the extra effort, people will notice and your client list will grow. And isn’t that the point of real estate promotional products in the first place?

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