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Need a change? You don’t have to look very far to begin …,

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To make the changes you need, you can begin by looking in the mirror. The good news is that you’re in control of making many of the changes you need.

Everyone always asks, “When will this change?”

But it is the WRONG QUESTION to ask. The correct question is: “When will I change?”

The good news: You’re in control.

To me, this is very good news. At least it’s up to me and I won’t be waiting around for somebody else to find the time to help me. I can do it myself. Of course, we are talking about issues like money, credit, lifestyle, people, etc. Some things you just have to accept and the acceptance of them will determine how you deal with them so then we are right back on topic. You can change so many things that at this moment are causing you a great deal of difficulty so there is no reason not to take action.

Several years ago, when I was going through my first financial crisis, my first unofficial mentor gave me some advice that I would like to share with you now. Over the years this advice has served me well. His words never left me and I’d encourage you to remember them too: “You are earning exactly what you are worth. If you want to earn more, become worth more.”

For example, if you are looking at the market and saying to yourself, “I should be able to close more loans because…” and you don’t have a sound reason then you need to digger deeper and ask yourself several tough questions (more about that in a moment). First, let me give you a couple examples of what I mean by a sound reason:

  • I have realistic plans to add to the number of referral partners that send me business; or
  • I am going to increase my marketing efforts that have already proven to work.

If you can’t give reasons like those then you need to dig deeper and ask yourself questions like:

  1. How many contacts with new referral partners will I make this week?
  2. On what day and at what specific time of the day will I make these contacts?
  3. What am I going to say?
  4. How will I follow up?
  5. What is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

And then you actually execute on the actions!!!!

Your past can dictate your future

To have more, to accomplish more, to keep more, you must accept the fact that you have exactly what you have because and only because of your past thoughts (the way you chose to see the world with you in it). Your past actions are a direct result of those thoughts. Now, I am only speaking of real and actual sustained actions that have sufficient energy and not those things that most people call actions.

An example: When you work out, if your shirt is not very wet with your sweat you have not worked out with sufficient effort to have made a difference. If your muscles do not hurt from time to time, you have not placed sufficient demand upon them to cause improvement. Instead, you have simply gone through a process that resulted in self deception.

We all must accept the fact that we are only accomplishing up to and not beyond the level of our own worth. To have more, you must become worth more. Worth consists of a number of things not the least of which is…

  • Effort
  • Energy
  • Knowledge
  • Time

So often when problems are “all around us” it is hard to define the truth. The truth is that you are going through a problem and YOU will get through it. But that’s not the whole story. The rest is that you have to change yourself, your actions, your thoughts, and the amount of energy you apply, to break free of the problem.

Are crises self-inflicted? Decide for yourself…

From my experience, I find that unwillingness to change is not only what prolongs a crisis but most often what caused the crisis. Over the years, I can recall a number of crises that were self inflicted. Nearly every one of them was caused by my unwillingness to change, accept the truth, and do something about it. How about you?

What change must I make? That is the question.

The lesson:

- Embrace change before you are forced to

- Unwillingness to change can causes a crisis

- A crisis causes a loss of control

Admitting and embracing this truth will diminish the number of crises and will help you stay in control.

It really is a good thing that you have the power to change your circumstances and that you do not have to rely on anyone else.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Founder & Chairman

Ox Publishing

Joel Pate is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies in the mortgage, real estate, and marketing space. For more information on Joel, contact him