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Here you go … my ultimate referral system

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To help you finish strong for the month and to increase business as much as possible during the coming months, I’m doing something a bit different. I’ve included a link to a very informative webinar hosted by my friend Mike Citron earlier this month.

During the call, Mike and I go into a great amount of detail on the techniques used, and lessons learned, when I built from scratch a referral network of over 5,000 loan originators that sent my company over 68,000 home buyers in eight years.

This massive success can be replicated by you in this market place and I want to show you how.


I’ve NEVER shared some of this advice before.

Also, Mike and I discussed during the first part of the call the importance of using personality profiles in the hiring and management process. This 30 minute teaching will provide you with the basic insight needed to improve your hiring and management process today. Not knowing these basic techniques have cost me millions of dollars over the past twenty six years in business. Even if you are not ready to hire someone right away, you need to listen to this recording today.

Listen as Mike and I discuss how to:

  1. Immediately increase your personal power with others
  2. Improve your relationship with your wife/husband, children, employees and referrals sources
  3. Make more money by hiring the right person for the right job

Save this link for future reference. Every time you go through the hiring process, you should listen to this valuable recording.

Click Here to get download this webinar. And don’t forget, the training on recruiting and maintaining referral partners is on the second half of the recording.

If you have any questions about the systems discussed on the call, please email me. I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Click Here to download it now.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, President

Ox Publishing

What you don’t know can be a killer

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As a result of my ignorance my dog Buddie almost died last month.

He had been eating the stalk of a palm plant on the back porch after it died from the winter freeze.

I had no idea that some plants, especially palms, have toxins that will harm a dog’s liver and other organs. And I should add Buddie was no help either – apparently he never read the studies either showing that palm plants can be lethal to dogs.

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For several hours afterwards, our entire family was very saddened by what appeared to be the bad news. Fortunately, old Bud has attention deficit disorder and never ate enough of the stalk to kill him. I guess ADD runs in the family because I certainly have it too.

Here’s my point: I really care about Buddie and plan to read a book on 101 things dog owners should know so they don’t kill their best friends.

What are you going to read and study? How are you training your mind to move your career, relationships, business, marketing, along?

Why don’t we discipline ourselves to learn all that we need to know?

The main reason is that no one ever calls you up and asks you, “Did you develop a new marketing plan today?” No. Instead the phone rings with “Hey, you’ve got to get some more business or we’re going to go broke.”

So, in a fit of reaction, you run out to try to find new business the same way you have been doing, which truth be told hasn’t been working very well and caused the problem to begin with.

My advice: Make it your purpose to implement one change with one new book, audio series or seminar at a time.

A lot of information that has been very beneficial over the years is probably in your inbox right now. Take a few minutes to read those things you said you would look at later – and delete those things that aren’t useful. (Hopefully, this is one of those emails you keep!)

Consider this your jolt of the day to go do something to help yourself for a change.

To your success,


Joel Pate is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies in the mortgage, real estate, and marketing space. For more information on Joel, contact him If you want to learn how Joel created over 5,000 referral sources in eight years, click here:

My best tip for setting goals – try it

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Is goal setting like making a wish? It doesn’t have to be. Read on to find out how to set realistic goals and actually achieve them.

I recently overheard a business associate make the statement: “Goals suck!”

Why, I had to ask, do goals suck?

My visibly upset friend said, “I missed my numbers again. I didn’t bring in or close as much business as I had planned. My goals never come true,” he said. After a few minutes of investigating the method that he utilized to establish these important and necessary fundamentals of his business, I said to him, “You mean your wishes suck?”

Real goals do not demand luck or hope. Nor, can it be said that they “come true.” By the way, this same associate had stated previously that he had set a goal to make $1 million in the next twelve months. Understanding the size of his current business opportunity I asked, “How long have you had that particular goal?”

His answer: “I make it every year.”

This was not a goal but merely a wish. A wish has no energy; where as a real goal contains the energy that you will need to accomplish it. Instead of providing energy a wish diminishes your energy and devours opportunity. Why? It causes you to lose tangible focus and serves to demoralize you when the “wish” does not come true.

So, how should you set goals?

Real goals start with you.

Real goals ask:

  • “Do I have the knowledge and ability necessary to accomplish this plan?
  • Have I identified the resources needed?
  • Are my liabilities too great to accomplish this plan or do I need to adjust?
  • Do I understand the Process of Improvement?”

This assessment must be honest. The fact is that you currently have the knowledge, assets and ability to accomplish A goal but you may not possess the ability YET to accomplish THE goal you prefer. If not, this little test will help you assess your needs.

Then ask the same questions regarding the business opportunity. Consider the weakness and strengths, assets and liabilities, employee depth, and don’t forget the market. Sometimes we establish goals that are unrealistic due to the market conditions. The market does matter.

Only when all of these components are honestly measured and categorized will you be ready to begin to understand enough about you and your business to even consider the establishment of a goal. Real Goals require considerable effort before you are ready to say; “By this date – I want X.”

For example:

In my business we initially said, “The market is X big and by X month we should have X number of affiliates sending us X number of customers.” It didn’t work that way. Instead we found that setting goals for volume was the last thing we needed to do. Only after we began to focus more on ourselves, the organization and our customers did we see real improvement of volume.

Every business is the same. You too can focus on these basic questions:

  • “How can we improve customer satisfaction?
  • What systems do we need to improve affiliate training and product knowledge?
  • What do we need to know that we do not know right now about the best practices and systems to run our business?
  • What do we need to know about the market?”

Only when you understand these areas of your business will you be prepared to form an action plan.

“Yeah,” you may say, “but I want to set goals of X number of additional closings per month by X month now!!”

Okay, go ahead. Make a wish but the real progress for your business will only come after you have implemented the Process of Improvement in enough areas of your business to make a difference. Until then, you are only making a wish.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Founder & Chairman

Ox Publishing

Joel Pate is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies in the mortgage, real estate, and marketing space. For more information on Joel, contact him

If you want to learn how Joel created over 5000 referral sources in eight years, click here:

The difference between success and failure comes down to just ONE thing

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Beach Shoreline Runner

Just like a runner relies on endurance to finish the race, we too must persevere to continue to move forward if we want to be effective in our professional and personal lives.

For some time now I’ve been talking about ways to take action, but not just any action – EFFECTIVE action!

That is really what you must demand from yourself (most importantly!) and those around you.

But what often gets overlooked is something else I’ve found just as important that can mean the difference between success and failure.

I can sum it up in a single word: Endurance.

If you are working on a project/business that is worth working on, the only kind right, then you must to determine to endure and to adjust until you win. If your proclamations end with phrases such as:

  • “right?”
  • “at least I hope so”
  • “don’t you think?”
  • or “that’s what should happen”

Then you’re not “sold” on the idea yet and the reservation in your heart and mind is spilling out of your lips and tripping up your feet.

You must get the “reservations” out of the way before you invest time and energy. And I mean really get them out of the way. Don’t move past “Go!” until you are determined that what you are doing is really worth doing.

When you determine that what you are engaged in is worth your effort, and I mean really determine it, then it is up to you to maintain and protect that vision.

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Many times, the failure to commit is your spirit telling you that this project or business is not right for you. But, most of the time, the people that I see that never commit and never pay the price. As a result, they never really accomplish anything.

Since I believe that everyone can accomplish great things, it cannot be that some of our spirits stop us and continuously cause us to vacillate. NO. It is just our own fear that we have not overcome yet. It is the fear that we will not succeed; thus, we never start anything or instead we dream of accomplishment so great that “any human being would have failed at that!!! So it can’t be my fault.” Self Sabotage.

Let me give you an example: I am trying to help a young man build a business. The market is nearly unlimited. The offer is perfect. He has financial backing-mine. He has training-mine and my friends.

But that is not enough.

Success will only come to this venture if he determines, and I mean really determines to take enough accurate effective action with the fortitude necessary to overcome every hurdle that he encounters. You must jump over them, push them down, find another way but he cannot and you cannot quit.

In addition, he must determine to learn, become relevant, and remain relevant by continuing to learn, meet new people, and overcome objection.

It is hard to build a business or to go to the next level in your business. It is hard but it is possible and worthwhile.

But back to fear and to commitment. If he cannot-if you cannot-determine way down deep inside of you that this idea/project/business/marriage/relationship is worth having, fighting for, crying about, and spending just about all of your time on until it is DONE then you are not ready to start.

The question for you today: What are you doing that needs adjustment, improvement, more effort, more accuracy, and more endurance?

Find it. And change it and then commit to it or stop.

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Found & Chairman

Ox Publishing

Are you ready?

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Preparing For Hurricane TogetherBelieve me, spending time preparing and planning is never easy. But they’re critical.

As residents of the Gulf Coast we know this all too well. Why? Because this is hurricane season and we’re constantly making sure we have plenty of flashlights, batteries, water, plywood, duct tape, easy-to-fix foods and plenty of wine (no sense in not being comfortable)!

Seriously. Days of preparation are never wasted. Even in business, planning and preparation are two keys to success that you absolutely cannot discount.

But so often we are too busy to prepare. (Isn’t it funny how we suddenly find the time when we have to and a hurricane or is bearing down on us?) We are too busy to plan appropriately. Instead we do a lot of wishing. Right? If that’s you, today is the day to arrest yourself from that stratum of success and begin to get ready for the next level.

How do you do it? It’s not easy but it can be done. One of the things that I have used to break free from the bondage of “sameness” is to make a list of what I do, determine what can be eliminated and then immediately fill that time space with a preferred activity.

For example, instead of reading the paper while on that particular “throne like space in the morning,” I have purchased the book “The Daily Drucker”. Peter Drucker is one of the world’s most renowned management experts. Each day, I read a two-minute “devotional” taken from this writings. I am amazed at what I don’t know.

You too can change your life by substituting two or three minutes per day of profitable reading.

Another is to receive a Monday morning recap of last week’s mortgage and financial news. This news service gets you ready for the upcoming week.

  • Where are rates likely headed?
  • What happened in the bond market?
  • What are the unemployment numbers?

This basic yet extremely valuable free information can be used by you to enhance your conversations with your referral sources and besides that, you need to be aware of what’s going on in the market in words that are easy to understand. At least you’ll sound smarter!

If you would like to receive this valuable information on Monday morning from me at no cost, send me your e-mail to

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Chairman & CEO

Ox Publishing