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Nothing But Awful Economic News

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USA-today-money-sectionUSA Today decided that this news was worthy of the headline in the Money Section the other day. My response?

Ignorant bastards!

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. The economic news aside, you must figure out a way to make a living for you, your family and your business.

You must keep your head up. You must look for the opportunity that does exist in your area and make yourself sufficiently valuable that someone is willing to pay you for what you know, what you can do, and what you accomplish.

Or, choose another profession.

So how do you keep your head up when “Awful” news is all around? From where do you find the energy to overcome?

Let me remind you of a little story:

The story of the farmer and the donkey

See, there was this old donkey that had been a part of a farmer’s life since birth. The farmer loved the donkey and the donkey was a valuable part of the family. One day, the donkey got too close to the well and fell in. The farmer was very dismayed. He knew if he didn’t get the donkey out of the well, the much beloved donkey would die and ruin the water well at the same time.

The donkey was thinking the same thing. He wanted to live. He wanted to live another day to pull the plow, see the world, enjoy his life.

After several hours of contemplation, the farmer called in some of his friends. Within a few minutes, they had all concluded that the only thing to do was to bury the donkey in the well and at the same time loose the water well by filling it in with dirt. So, they all grabbed shovels and started throwing dirt in the well.

As you can imagine, our old donkey realized what was happening.

He understood his beloved master had few choices but he could not resign himself to die in this way. So, he decided (and you must decide too) to use every opportunity he had, even this one, to his advantage. He wanted to live.

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Determined to live, despite the dire conditions

So, with the determination required to overcome even these current economic times, the donkey began to shake the dirt off his back with every shovel load intended for his demise. But that was not enough. He determined that in addition to shaking the dirt off of his back that he would have to jump at every shake. As the shovels full of dirt where thrown into the well, to bury him, he developed a pattern of shaking and jumping, and then shaking and jumping and then shaking and jumping. As tired as this constant activity made him, he knew that it was working and that it would eventually lead to a positive outcome.

… But it was too much

About half way through, he became exhausted. He decided to rest. (He probably read too many front page headlines.) As the dirt from the shovels began to overtake him, he realized that if he stopped now, he would surely die, and all of his past efforts would be in vain. He jumped as hard as he could.

But the dirt piles on his back was too heavy and he was stuck — much like businesses become stuck from not marketing to referral partners, not developing new plans to combat these economic times and not looking for ways to change professions.

…A valuable lesson learned

As a matter of fact, the first shakes and the first jumps seemed to be to absolutely in vain. But, he was determined. And he shook some more, and he jumped a little harder. He was determined but more importantly, he got his focus back. (He stopped reading all of the headlines.) With all of his might, he determined, it was now or never and he shook and jumped as hard and deliberately as his more focused mind and body would take him. And with that focused effort, he overcame.

Over and over and over and over again, the donkey shook and jumped. He took what was intended to be the dirt that made his grave and with determined effort, over and over and over again, through his focused action, he turned the burial dirt into foundation dirt.

Eventually, as his foundation grew, he began to rise higher and higher in the well. Finally, the foundation was great enough that he just crawled out of the well. The farmer and the donkey were ecstatic.

So back to the “Awful Economy.” It doesn’t matter. You still have to make it so you should just determine to find a way to turn the bad news of the day that was intended for your death and stand upon it to find a way to overcome.

To your success,


Joel Pate is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies in the mortgage, real estate, and marketing space. For more information on Joel, contact him

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This could be the jolt you need

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We’ve all heard this statement: If I just knew then what I know now…..blah, blah, blah.

How about this updated version? Just do it.

If you know you need take action then just do it. And if something is holding you back from taking action, such as not having enough information to act, then identify those hurdles and start addressing them. Don’t wait! Do it NOW!!!

If you KNOW you need to make a change, determine to make it now.

This is life and business transforming positional statement includes: Starting, Stopping, Adjusting, Hiring, Firing, EVERYTHING is covered.

Now, that doesn’t mean necessarily that you walk into you’re the bosses office and quit today. But, if know you need to find another place to work, start the process now.

  • If you know you need to separate yourself from bad actors, do it now.
  • If you know you need to start a marketing program, learn how and start now.
  • If you know you need to cut your spending-do it now.
  • If you know you need to call a customer or a referral partner-do it today.

Hey, I didn’t all this Joel’s Jolt for nothing!

Again: Just do it.

Hope you enjoy the article. By the way, are you using the services of a credit repair company? Is it working? If so, send me the name and contact information to

Make it a better day by making it a better day.

All the best,


Joel Pate is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies in the mortgage, real estate, and marketing space. For more information on Joel, contact him

If you want to learn how Joel created over 5000 referral sources in eight years, click here:

How do customers really see you? Be honest.

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Sometimes it’s easier to see how well your business is performing by looking at another industry.

I had the opportunity to do just that when I was out shopping for tires the other day.

“I’m looking for a smooth ride,” I told the tire salesman.

“Well that is exactly what you will have, these new tires are the best. I’ll have them install in one hour. You can wait in our coffee lounge if you like. And we also have someone there to do your nails.” (Yes! Even us good ol’ boys down south like to get a manicure from time to time!)

“Great!” I said. “I’ve wanted my nails done for a while and I’ll do just about anything to stay out of this heat and cool off in an air conditioned lounge.”

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there …

Off the tire salesman went to place my order to his mechanics. Sipping on an iced coffee while the young lady rubbed my hands and fingers really made an impression on me. “This place is great,” I said. “I’m going to tell all of my friends to come here to have their car repaired. This is just the best service I have ever had in my life.”

Not one hour but 45 minutes later, the salesman returned to let me know that the car was ready and ahead of schedule. They had even washed the car for me as a courteous.

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I could not believe it. The car was ready early, they had washed it, and while I waited, I was served a caramel latte’ extra strong with soymilk and well I can’t remember the rest of it and they provided a manicure for free. How much better can it be? I must tell everyone I know about this fantastic business.

As I drove off in my car, I noticed a shimmy. Well that’s I call it. The car just wasn’t riding correctly. At this point, since I was in a really big hurry, even with the 15 minutes that I had been saved back at the tire store, I was perturbed.

As I returned to the store, the tire salesman was on the phone. After about 10 minutes of waiting he asked if he could help. “Yes” I exclaimed. “I hope so. My car is not riding correct. Something is wrong.”

During the test drive, the tire salesmen agreed that there was a problem and that he would immediately work to correct the problem. I was grateful for that but becoming concerned that the company had placed me in danger by not completing the job correctly the first time and now I was late, and now I was less willing to refer the tire store.

They eventually did fix it but my point is that despite all of the company’s best efforts to create a great experience by providing a manicure, a comfortable lounge and fancy drinks they lost sight of the single biggest thing they could do to keep customers coming back: do the job right the first time!

Too often we go overboard to Wow! our customers that we ignore basic, good old-fashioned service that simply requires us to get the job done right – just as we promised, and just as a customer expects.

Lesson learned …

So the lesson from the story above is: How do your customers see you?

Do they see you as someone who gets the job done right? Or do they see you as someone who has lost sight of that basic mission? Be honest.

The answer may surprise you.

To your success,


Here’s what smart entrepreneuers are doing now

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Have you been through some changes recently?

If you’re in the credit repair business and haven’t gone back to selling pizzas the answer is yes.

Successful entrepreneurs do not wait until a muse kisses them and gives them a bright idea. They go to work. And that’s exactly what the best and brightest are doing right now.

Admittedly every good idea in this article comes from my continued study of the writings of the world renowned management guru Peter F. Drucker. It’s amazing considering how many years have passed since Mr. Drucker penned the words I’m reading and how congruent they are with the current issues that we all face. What I’m learning is that these are the things successful entrepreneurs did years ago. And I have no doubt in my mind that in a few years we’ll be reading about how others became successful using the same methods I’m sharing with you today.

For example, are you dealing with

  • The unexpected?
  • Process change?
  • Changes in the industry structure or market structure?
  • Changes in demographics?
  • Changes in perception, mood and meaning?
  • Is there new knowledge that must be obtained to deal with these issues?

If yes, and I know that the answer is absolutely yes to every one of them, how are you doing?

It’s imperative to monitor these windows of innovative opportunity and the unexpected. The only thing that I have come to realize after being in this industry since 1985 is that CHANGE is the only constant. Change is actually good because it keeps eliminating and then of course adding to the ranks of the “industry.” I think that over the next decade the ranks will continue to diminish and then give rise to a new breed of CROs. But that’s OK.

Don’t forget that regardless of your “profession” you are a business person. Perhaps instead of thinking of yourself as a “credit restoration person” you should think of yourself as a business person. Actually that is precisely what you must consider yourself to survive and succeed.

No matter what profession you think you are in you must learn to deal with the unexpected in the following areas:

  • The incongruent
  • New innovation and the process required from the changes in the industry or market structure
  • Outside influences
  • Changes in perception and mood among your customers

Regardless, if you want to keep making money, you must adjust. You must overcome. You must innovate. And you can.

And if you’re reading these articles every week, you’re already headed in the right direction.

To your success,