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6 things in just 60 minutes that can change everything

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Stop watchYou are what you eat. Right?

If that is true, what are you? A cholesterol and grease saturated hamburger or a healthy reflection of food that you decided to eat?

As surely as you are what you eat, you are what you think. What you think is based on what you have accepted to this point. (Information does not have to be purposely accepted to affect you—osmosis does exist.) What you have learned, accepted and placed into action to this point is directly connected to who you have met, who has influenced you and what you have studied. Just reading is not enough. Simply meeting people is not enough.

For example, when you were first exposed to long division, did you get it? It took practice but it also required base element knowledge. It required building blocks. Remember, it required an understanding of multiplication. Learning both multiplication and long division took a lot of effort. Above all it took practice.

When you pass someone on the street, when you have been introduced to someone at a party, do they influence you immediately? Did you automatically become like them? No, it took time, concentration, and effort to become, to be influenced for good or bad, just like it took effort to become a person that benefited from long division.

With mathematical precision you have become who you have allowed yourself to become.

I know that this philosophy sometime seems unacceptable. But, the alternative is worse: You have become what you are through a force you can’t control. If you are what you eat then it is reasonable to conclude that you are the “spitting image” of yourself—what you decided to become on purpose or simply through long-term exposure. Either way, you decided to decide or you decided to accept. Good or bad.

No doubt exists that you are influenced by your heredity, your race, your upbringing and your environment. But also no doubt exists that you can become anything you to set your mind to. Does that mean you can become six inches taller? No. But it does mean that through effort you can lose six inches in your waist and if that is the case you can repetitiously change your action for your good or to further a bad trait. Remember that knowledge and then thought and then action is either helpful or hurtful. Thus, you must test information and decisions before they test you.

What if I am right?

If I am correct, the goal for the next hour and for the remainder of your life is to expose yourself to information and people that are positive and beneficial and continuously apply effort to a plan to learn to think because thinking is the business of life (Dr Venice J. Bloodworth, “Key To Yourself”). All applied knowledge causes an effect on your being and thus on your life. So, make it count.

Starting today:

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Remove negatives from your life
  3. Purposely expose yourself to positive and beneficial knowledge
  4. Reflect on that knowledge during a time of silence each day
  5. Learn to think correctly
  6. Make a plan to implement positive change

Now is the time to choose a different result by choosing a different thought. Decide what is positive and commit to it.

To your success,


Good reminder from my dog,

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bigstock_Rosie___2150402As with many parts of the country, it was warm in Mobile Ala. last night – 85 degrees.

My dog Buddie is an eight-year-old English Springer Spaniel. Why is this story important? Just hang tight for a second.

This morning, I noticed that during the night Buddie opened the little storage box on the back porch, found his bathing suit and placed it by the back door. I was shocked.

I guess, because he does not have thumbs, he could not actually dress himself. This little episode got me to thinking, What was Buddie telling me?

“I want to be comfortable. I believe in you. I trust you. I love you even though I’d rather be cooling off in the water. I have done all I know how to do and the rest is up to you.”

Well, maybe he was thinking these things. Can’t say for sure, but, I will assure you that your customers and referral partners are looking for comfort too.

  • They want to believe in you.
  • They want to trust you.
  • And even though you haven’t called them back as fast as you know you should, they want to “love” you.

They want to believe they made the right decision.

And, if they reach the point where they feel their hope was misplaced, even if it is not completely justified, they will turn on you, fast. And then, to make themselves feel better, they will tell everyone of their experience with “the worst credit repair company in the entire world.”

I delivered a lot of bad news to nearly 100 consumers several weeks ago. More than ever, I am absolutely confident that people all want to be told bad news fast.

And if you tell the truth with empathy, regardless of the circumstances, your customers will appreciate it and respect you.

Unless a person respects you, they will never be satisfied. Until they are satisfied, they will never provide referrals.

What the heck does this have to do with Buddie? Nothing. I just thought I would tell you about my very smart dog.

To your success,


Need a change?

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Seems like change should just be a click away like on your remote. Don’t like the sitcom you’re watching? Click. Tired of the same old news? Click.

Apple-TVI own an Apple TV. The settings allow you to do more than watch shows – you can view YOUR pictures and at that same time listen to your favorite playlist.

This is otherwise known as YOUR LIFE.

What pictures do you have?

Do you like to watch your life’s experience?

Do you wish it was different?

Whether the answer is “I really have great experiences” or “I need a new life” you are in control of your future and your future is actually just that — “YOURS” to control.

So, how do you control your future? Where do you start?

It’s may not be as simple as just clicking your remote but getting started is not complicated.

Start today. Make a list. What do you need to change? What should, no, MUST! be different?

It is really a short list. Just a few suggestions:

  • The only thing you can expect from people is what they have done in the last four years.
  • The only thing you can expect of yourself is what you plan to do.
  • The only way to change tomorrow is to think today.

Over the next few days, make a list:

What needs to be corrected?

What do I need to know that I do not know?

Who do I need to meet with that would change my life?

Change is just a thought away. So, start thinking today and tomorrow will be different. Will it be better? Don’t know. It depends on what you think.

Here’s to change,


The best secret I can give you right now

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Social Network Molecule - ConnectionsSocial networking is nothing new.

Like-minded people always have and always will network together.

Isn’t that what Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are really all about? The way we network may change. But no one used the concept of networking as much as Benjamin Franklin more than 200 years ago and look what he accomplished.

If he were around today I’d bet he’d have one of the most popular Facebook pages. He’d have thousands of Tweets on his Twitter page and Thomas Jefferson and his pals would be trying to connect with him on LinkedIn. His contact list on his Blackberry would probably be the largest one you’ve ever seen.

Why? Because Ben Franklin understood the power of networking. We just have technology now that makes it easier than ever to make those connections. Here are a few ideas to help you…

Networking, done correctly is building an asset that helps you produce income without your direct effort.

Either you are working by yourself or you are working within the framework of a network that helps you produce business. Can you imagine this country being founded by someone that worked alone?

Networking is just like having a building that is paid for and produces income for you every month. The top individuals in this country, in the world rely upon their network to help them produce income. So are you leveraging a network or are you getting frustrated trying to go at it alone?

Last week we began a discussion about the difference between assets, doodads, and liabilities.

  • Assets produce income in your pocket each month
  • Liabilities takes money out your pocket
  • Doodads are just things you purchase because you want to acquire something

Unless you dedicate yourself to acquiring assets, then you will spend your time acquiring doodads, if you’re lucky, you will just purchase doodads and not liabilities like most Americans.

Why purchase a liability? Most people don’t know any better and most people are directed to by the rich that want you to be subject to them.

So what does this have to do with you?

Simple. What are you buying? What are you spending your time developing?

If not assets (they produce income) then they will either be doodads or worse liabilities.

If you don’t know the difference, you will be fooled into helping your customers stay in debt and perpetuate their debt for the remainder of their life.

The secret is to generate leads 24/7 that help your referral partners get their clients they help they desperately need. And then it’s up to you to deliver on your promise so your referral partners see their sales increase because they’re working with you.

If not, you’re just wasting your time and theirs. But if you do, you’ll have a steady stream of leads for years to come.

Let me ask you this question: Do you have referral partners working FOR YOU or are you standing on the street corner with a sign that says, “Will work for leads.”

The choice is yours.

To your success,



Here’s a way to put more money in your pocket

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Business ManThis article is dedicated to educating those who are ready for a substantial change in their life.

Men and women have within themselves the need to gather, to accomplish, even to purchase. If you do not concentrate on purchasing assets, you will by default purchase doodads or worse liabilities.

The key is to focus on income producing investments and quit buying into Madison Avenue’s ideas that you really need all those liabilities and doodads you possess. I’ll show you how, but I have to warn you, nothing I’m about to tell you is easy.

Like I said in the opening, this article is for those who truly want to make a change for the better in their lives. If that sound like you, I invite you to read on …

So let’s get started:

• Assets produce income every month

• Liabilities take money from you every month

• Everything else is doodads

Doodads: golf clubs, ink pens, watches, ATV’s, albums, cookware, plasma TV’s, iPods, cloths, etc.

Liabilities: cars, your personal home (and your second home, as well), boats, motorcycles and investment property that is not set up properly.

Assets: appropriately purchased property (maybe with an actual down payment to lower the mortgage which lowers the monthly payments which causes the property to have a positive cash flow), stocks and bonds that are paying dividends, businesses that make money for you while you are at rest or play; of course there are a few more but you get the point.

Well, just to make sure you get the point, your house, everyone’s home, is not an asset.

I’ll prove it to you. If I purchase a $100,000 house, will it do everything a $500,000 home will do? Can I sleep there? Can I eat there? Can I raise my kids there? Sure I understand we all want a nicer house with a three or four car garage to put all of our doodads and other liabilities in. I get it.

Three years ago you could hear some say: “The value of a house in America will never go down.” I get it. A house should be your largest investment. Right?



If what you own does not produce income, it is not an asset. I told you I would prove it to you. Yes, I understand that your house may be an asset if it goes up in value.

Question: Are any houses in your area NOT going up in value? Any houses in your area costing the owner more than he thought it would? Any owners in your area strategically defaulting from their assets? No, they are strategically defaulting from their liabilities. If the properties were producing income, would they walk away? I told you I would prove that not all houses are assets.


1. List all of the assets that you own that are really liabilities and include the monthly cost for same.

2. List all of your real assets, the stuff that produces money each month

3. List all of your doodads, how much you have spent on them.

Then read the next statement:

What should you do differently, what do you need to learn, what do you need to change in order to stop purchasing liabilities that take money out of your pocket every month and just as important, what should you do today that will cause money to come to you each month?

To your success,


Joel S. Pate, Founder & Chairman

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